I Love My Country But…..

I love my country. I really do. I love its diversity. I love its crowded (read overcrowded) streets and buses. I love how we use ‘jugaad’ in our daily lives. Yes its not the most ideal place to live. Yes its frustrating to live under corrupt governance. But I still am proud of it. I still want to belong here. BUT I am running out of patience. Not because I don’t see change and neither because I stopped believing in it. I am running out of patience because I am seeing it with my eyes that people don’t wanna change. It makes me sad and angry and host of emotions I cant even really explain. These are only few of the many incidents.

We pride ourselves on our culture. The famous saying ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. We pronounce it with our chin up. But the recent Delhi Metro incident just shows how shallow and plain stupid we can be.

This is what we mean by Atithi Devo Bhava!
                                                       This is what we mean by Atithi Devo Bhava!

What do we pride ourselves on? How educated are we really? Doesn’t our conscience even prick us a little bit before acting so inhuman-like or have we become so numb and devilish that such a act seems to be fine in our eyes.

I believe in our current Prime Minister. I believe he can bring about a change. I can see his vision. But do we really want to see it along with him? The very morning he set about launching the ‘Clean India’ campaign the same night I could see people littering up a cricket stadium as if it was perfectly normal to do so. And when questioned the answer we get is ‘maza aa raha hai’. And to make matters worse a police official was sitting in front of us and he didnt even utter a word. Yes there are cleaners in the stadium but when we ourselves can avoid messing up a place then why mess it up at all? The stadium has got toilets but just to save time people pee on the walls of the stadium in some dark corners. Again the question is – ‘Are we really educated?’ Why does it seem okay to us to commit such acts?

In the same match, I was again embarrassed at being an Indian looking and listening to the crowds behavior whenever an girl came to stands to sit in her seat. The hooting and the comments passing just shows why we are unable to stop rapes happening so frequently. Even if you were there in my place you could feel the heinous behavior of the crowd. The only thing one can do is go up to the girl and say sorry for what she has to go through even though you weren’t a part of it because above all we are Indians first. Why is the re a need for us to objectify women? Are we such a sex obsessed nation? And again the question is – ‘Are we really educated?’

Even with the noblest of intentions and vision Mr Narendra Modi can’t change India if we as individuals don’t change our mentality.I am sorry to say this but one man can’t bring about the change. The thing is we are just taught to be literate BUT we are never really educated.

Lastly, I love my country BUT……..