Thank You Sachin!!!

As Deonarine bowled a rather simplistic delivery outside off and we saw Sachin going on his backfoot all of us just expected him to cut it for a four like he did twice or thrice that morning. But the ball bounced a bit more than expected and Sachin managed to nick it and Sammy took a smart catch. At that very moment the stomachs of a billion people churned. If there was a Guiness record for the maximum number of people experiencing instant sadness this would be it. There was dead silence for a few moments at the ground having the capacity of 30000 odd people. Even the opposition didnt celebrate much. I feel the opposing team too felt sad at having to see the great mans back. As Sachin made his way back to the Pavilion the crowd forgot their sadness and thanked him for all the moments of joy he provided. There was a raptuous applause for a man who meant so much for them. For me personally i was left teary eyed and a smile on my face. I was left reminiscing about the times he made me cry. Not because he got didnt play well but because the umpire got out. I remember crying everytime he got out and asking my mom to bring him back to bat easily blaming my mom for his dismissal. He was the reason I was passionate about the game. As he reached the dressing room my heart yearned to say one final time .”Mom please bring him back to bat once again…”

It was fitting for him to possibly end his batting career on the day he made his debut 24 years ago. And from a billion of us… Thank You Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar..!!!  :’) It will never be the same again…..

Cricket will miss you!!!



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