Thank You Peta India!!!


To the sometimes ‘seemingly long’ morning meetings,

To the fuss towards the lunch food,

To Jalaj’s awesome slangs,

To Trapi’s obsession with diet coke,

To the addiction towards candy crush,

To getting the daily dosage of the Big Boss house,

To the Timely updates of Pankhudi,

To the love of classy food of masterchef,

To Neha’s proudly flaunting her new watch only to damage it a week later,

To the irritation towards mehboob and love towards chingu,

To the 18 cats and 1 dog,

To my two greatest nemesis (they know i am referring to them),

To a less shy me from a very shy me,

It has been a rather wonderful 1 month

It did went by fast but I learnt a lot

And at the end of it I only have to say

Thank You PeTA India…….






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