7:27 am ki CST local!!

“Har train ki kahani hoti hai

Kyu ki har train kuch kehta hai..”

Don’t be too flabbergasted. These are my own words and I and I alone am solemnly responsible for the outcome of the words. Its a known fact that local trains are a lifeline for the mumbaites. And who so ever is a regular traveler gets settled into a fixed time table of catching the same train each day. That particular train becomes our comfort zone. One fun thing about the trains is that you get acquainted to the fellow travelers who have the same train in their comfort zone. And you come across some beautiful stories not necessarily personal. You just be there and you get familiarized with a pattern. For me it is the 7:27 slow local to CST from Thane.

I am pretty sure there are peculiar stories in each of the 12 coaches. Get on the first coach and you will come across a bunch of working people who seem long lost friends though they have know each other through train acquaintance only. You will hear them converse like boys in their teens. Its actually nice to see them enjoying themselves given how lonelier we get as we grow up. Get on the second coach and your ears will be treated to bhajans. Word of advice : If you want a quiet peaceful ride then avoid this coach else you are most invited to board this one. The fourth coach is a perfectly normal coach barring an old man sitting by the window and working wonders on a small 4×4 drawing paper that too with his nails. He goes on with his works as the train trudges along with impeccable creativity. If it was for me I would call him a genius. He makes you wonder how many more such geniuses are hiding in such train compartments. The old man looks so happy while doing it and who wouldnt when one is doing what he is passionate about.

I am sure there are many more such stories for me to discover on that train. I hope I can cover all the 12 coaches someday… 🙂