One of the most fascinating equations present in the scientific world is the one presented by Einstein, E=mc2. I am not nerdy so i would be honest and say that I havent got a single clue about the whole idea behind the equation. I am not even sure what the terms stand for to tell the truth. But what fascinates me is the statement made by him along with this equation – ‘Everything is relative!!’ And to make the statement at that time just shows the sheer genius of the man. The very statement holds true for every aspect of life. and Einstein didnt mean to say it in scientific terms only. If we look at life closely we will see that every aspect, every emotion, every small bits and pieces of life proves the theory of relativity to be true. For example, take any emotion. Be it happy or sad every feeling is relative. You cant be happy unless you have experienced grief. We need to measure something against something in order to provide meaning to that something. Take the case of ourselves as individuals. We define ourselves based on an experience, a incident or with respect to another individual. We alone cannot define ourselves. Its like we as individuals dont exist unless there is a relative entity through which we can identify ourselves. It has to be relative. There has to be a ying for a yang, there cant exist only a ying or only a yang. It has to be this and that, there cant be an either separating them. You, me, he, she… EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE!!!



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