One of the most fascinating equations present in the scientific world is the one presented by Einstein, E=mc2. I am not nerdy so i would be honest and say that I havent got a single clue about the whole idea behind the equation. I am not even sure what the terms stand for to tell the truth. But what fascinates me is the statement made by him along with this equation – ‘Everything is relative!!’ And to make the statement at that time just shows the sheer genius of the man. The very statement holds true for every aspect of life. and Einstein didnt mean to say it in scientific terms only. If we look at life closely we will see that every aspect, every emotion, every small bits and pieces of life proves the theory of relativity to be true. For example, take any emotion. Be it happy or sad every feeling is relative. You cant be happy unless you have experienced grief. We need to measure something against something in order to provide meaning to that something. Take the case of ourselves as individuals. We define ourselves based on an experience, a incident or with respect to another individual. We alone cannot define ourselves. Its like we as individuals dont exist unless there is a relative entity through which we can identify ourselves. It has to be relative. There has to be a ying for a yang, there cant exist only a ying or only a yang. It has to be this and that, there cant be an either separating them. You, me, he, she… EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE!!!



4 TV Shosws I Gave Up On!!!

1. Fringe


This show started off well. The pilot show scared the shit out of me. It just made you want  more. The following episodes in the first season were equally interesting. It was a one of a kind sci-fi series which showcased off cases that would bewilder many people scientifically. But unfortunately, they kinda got stuck on the two dimensional concept which after a while got kinda boring. I left watching the show after the fourth season as it no longer captured my imagination. 

2. Prison Break


This I think will be a controversial choice and not many will agree with me. But according to me the show’s story just couldn’t live up to the expectations. The first season w as legendary, can be counted among the best first season ever among all TV shows. But after a while I was like ‘how much more will they run’!! I completely lost interest at the end of the second season and did not go further with the third. The acting of Schofield continued to be strong but wasn’t enough to keep me wanting to watch it.

3. White Collar


This one like any other crime show dealing with the white collar division. It followed the same storyline of a agent and a criminal like many other shows. But its USP was the lead actor Neil Caffrey. His charm and charisma just wowed everyone. He was the perfect sophisticated criminal. Its storyline was captivating. But after the 3 season you just felt like ‘just end it already.’ Didnt live up to potential much like prison break.

4. The Mentalist


Another crime related show. What I really loved about the show was how the cases were solved. Just loved how Jane read people’s mind and solved the cases. The mystery surrounding the serial killer ‘Red John’ was quite captivating. I watched three seasons with real interest just waiting for the mystery surrounding ‘Red John’ to be revealed. But they killed it off in the fourth season. According to me it was completely unnecessary. They could have actually shown the current fifth as the fourth.