Deciphering The Greatest Mystery of Life : Women!!!!

I guess most men will agree with me on this. Women truly are the greatest mystery of life. Cant live with them, cant live without them as they say. If a guy, by any chance, truly understands the ways of the fairer sex then he deserves all the respect in the world. Because woman kind truly are a complicated bunch. They will make your head spin through their thoughts and actions. And all the best to the guy who is on the opposite side. Only one warning to him- Mate, you are in for a hell of a ride!!

Firstly. woman are dumb. There is a shortage of smart females out there. And by smart I mean women who are actually aware of whats going on the world and not just their own lives. Those who don’t have to be guided while in midst of technology. In their defense they are really not interested in technology but girls, please learn to use Google’s additional features properly and please for gods sake know the basic functions in a computer. Its really irritating for a guy to mouth feed you some of the easiest things.

Girls and Technology can never go hand in hand!!!

Secondly, Girls please put aside your egos. Especially with respect to your relationship with your fellow women. Please stop your bitching.  If you don’t like a particular person please just stop talking with her rather than showing the world that you are friends but bitching about one another afterwards. Guys don’t like the bitching. I have seen even best friends bitch about each other. I mean What the hell! Just say it on the face.


Thirdly, stop your obsession about looks. Especially those of other women. Stop discussing about their outfits, earrings, footwear!!! Let them be please. No one obsesses about your looks other than you yourself.

Fourthly, stop bargaining. Bargaining is good but you lot overdo it by a huge margin. And to make it worse you flaunt it. Its very irritating trust me.

p.s.  Above article is only in good humor. Girls please don’t make me your enemy. I really love you all!!! 😛


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