Yes I Still LOve You!!! :)


She uploaded new pics on Facebook. And like always i am magnetically attracted towards them. More than the picture itself i am attracted towards her smile. Those dimple-filled smiles makes my heart skip a beat like it did 8 years back. The glint in her eyes just mesmerizes me every time i look at them. She just looks so happy and at peace. She seems at home down south though she is far away from it. I was particular pleased to see that she overcame her fear of dogs and loves them nowadays. Makes her all the more attractive in my eyes. Its been 4 years since we were friends last but my feelings haven’t changed a bit. I feel the same way about her now as i felt then. Though I have let her go. Someone has rightly said…. You don’t stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them. I have done the same thing i guess…. YES my first love… I still love you!!!

P.S. I just remembered that it is your birthday tomorrow!!! (or i think it is… been a long time you see..) So as you turn 22 (i suppose.. :P) I just want you to know there will always be a guy who loves you!! Many Many happy returns of the day!!!!


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