Yes I do still watch Animes!!!

Recently I started watching Naruto Shippuden. As usual i was mocked upon by my friends for being a kid. You are too old for this… i heard this every time i let someone know that i had started watching the anime. But i never really cared for their views. I always believed its important for us to be in touch with the child within us. The world is already a shit place to live in. It gets really tough to live in if we take upon a serious point of view towards it. Sometimes we need to be a child again in order to make through tough times. Just be able to laugh it off is all important.

Naruto Shippuden!!! \m/

To add to it, Naruto isn’t such a childish anime anyways. I have never come across a anime depicting such strong emotions. I am not embarrassed to admit that i even had tears in my eyes in one of its episodes. It does have some philosophical contents and not the usual kind of anime.. you know the ones which you have to see keeping logic out of the context. It has captured me in a sense no other anime have. Learnt and realized quite a few things from it. One thing that really enthralled me was how it made me realize that we need to learn to forgive people even if the other person has hurt you simply because hate takes birth from revenge. Till there is the feeling of revenge hate will always encompass us. True peace can only be achieved by learning to forgive. I forgive you….. these three words can go a long way into achieving inner peace. We need to get rid of having the urge to take revenge. Only then can we truly be at peace with ourselves.

I am sure many of us are crazy about animated movies. At least I am. They have always amused me way beyond the regular movies. I rather prefer watching animated movies over the regular ones. All of them are made with a purpose- to deliver a strong message. Most of them do succeed in providing a strong enough message. Be it the scientifically accurate ‘Wall E’ or ‘Despicable Me’ depicting that even bad guys can be good at heart, all animated movies carry a strong message. They are always filled with strong emotions (just watch the last part of the Toy Story series) which always captures my attention. Day before yesterday I happened to watch ‘Wreck It Ralph’. The movie is excellent. I dont know if everyone will like it or not but I would suggest you watch it. After a long time has a movie been able to leave tear in my eyes as well as a smile across my face. Strong emotions depicted throughout the movie.

Wreck It Ralph!!!!

I have no shame in admitting I love watching animes and will do for a long time. They bring out the child in me which I don’t want to suppress. So kudos to the child in me and I would suggest others to keep the child in them alive!!!


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