Forgive and Forget!!!

We all have come across a quote stating- “Forgive but never forget!!” I never really understood this saying much. It never made much sense to me. Why do we forgive a person in the first place? Firstly because they still mean something in your life. Secondly because everyone deserves a second chance. Now what i believe is that if you aren’t ready to forget the mistakes done by a person you have never truly forgiven him/her. There will always be a judgement of that particular person based on his/her wrong doings on the back of your mind. Forgiveness should mean a new start, like the first page of a newly purchased book. It might be difficult hence forgiveness is coined as a act of great courage. A person capable of true forgiveness is a great man. Forget should accompany forgive for if you really want that person in your life you need to overlook the past.


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