Forgive and Forget!!!

We all have come across a quote stating- “Forgive but never forget!!” I never really understood this saying much. It never made much sense to me. Why do we forgive a person in the first place? Firstly because they still mean something in your life. Secondly because everyone deserves a second chance. Now what i believe is that if you aren’t ready to forget the mistakes done by a person you have never truly forgiven him/her. There will always be a judgement of that particular person based on his/her wrong doings on the back of your mind. Forgiveness should mean a new start, like the first page of a newly purchased book. It might be difficult hence forgiveness is coined as a act of great courage. A person capable of true forgiveness is a great man. Forget should accompany forgive for if you really want that person in your life you need to overlook the past.


Do what you love or Love what you do???

There is a thin line between both of them. Though they sound quite similar but actually they mean two quite separate things. The old classical way is to do what you love in your life which was advertised by Steve Jobs as well as many others. Follow your passion is what they say. The one thing they don’t say is that sometimes its not feasible to do the things what we love, that sometimes we aren’t able to find what we love in time. In Indian education system children are rarely given the responsibility or rather the opportunity to decide or discover what they really love. We follow a fixed pattern. Above 80= Science, above 60=Commerce, anything below that Arts is deemed to be the field of choice. We are hardly the bearer of our life choices. Its taken over by our parents. They are right in their ways as they feel they are thinking the best for their child and that we are too young to judge the right course. But they do need to take into consideration about how the child feels about the particular decision. I know times are changing but its still incomplete. They need to have the faith and courage to provide their child the opportunities and independence to choose certain things in their life especially when they are sure and willing about that particular thing. What is the worst thing that could happen.They will fail. Let them. That’s how they will learn. There is no use protecting them.

Earlier, I mentioned that sometimes its not feasible to do what you love. Consider my case. Though i realized it late, 2 years into engineering, my dream job would have been a sports presenter or anything in journalism. At first i regretted at the very thought of taking up engineering. But now i have no regrets. When i look back talking up journalism would have meant taking a huge risk. There is no instant success in that field. I had no scope for failure there as i have to support my family whereas engineering guarantees a stable future. Most of you will think i didnt have the guts but its not like that. Sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes circumstances are such that you need to sacrifice certain things. I may not be able to live my dream but atleast i am looking to it that my children have the right situations to follow theirs.  

This is the reason why i have become a firm believer in the new saying of Love what you do. Make the job you are doing now your passion. Sometimes we arent able to decide what we really love, sometimes we cant choose what we really love, in such cases its better to make the job we are currently engaged in our passion. Do what you are currently doing to the best of your potential. You will eventually fall in love with it. Be it sooner or later. Fall in love with your current job and you will like doing it.

If you do find out the thing you love early in life and have the ideal circumstances to chase after then have no second thoughts about doing it. But if you arent in the best of positions to judge then Love what you do is the way to go!!!