My recent interest in listening to commencement speeches have made me learn and realize quite a number of things. Be it Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey at Stanford or J.K. Rowling at Harvard. Each of them spoke about their personal experiences but each of those experience had something to learn from, something which we could relate to our own lives.

Everyone of us will be quite familiar with Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford. What he spoke about was simple yet so complex. Wat he preached was we need to find out what we love and unless we do that we need to keep searching. Do what you love was his saying. Secondly he pointed out that nothing in life goes to waste. Everything you do in your entire life is meant to fall into place somewhere in your life, maybe not in the immediate future but surely it will fit in perfectly sometime later.

Oprahs commencement speech at Stanford was rather more touching. What i learned and would love to inculcate in my life from her speech would be to always follow your gut instinct. because more often than not our gut is right. Our guts know how we truly feel about the situation and hence is capable of taking the right choice. It may not feel right but you ca be rest assured that it is the right one for ourselves. Its paramount that we remain true to our feelings.

Now sometimes the gut might be wrong and we may endure failure. Here is where i found J.K. Rowlings take on failure in her commencement speech at Harvard quite intriguing. Speaking from her own experiences she mentioned that its imperative that we fail at different points in our lives and that we dont lose heart. There is a lot to learn from failures. Without failure we can never know the true sweetness of success. We need to experience failure in order to experience success.She herself endured so much pain in life in order to be in the position she is today.

Lastly i would like to point out the speech that was presented by Lisa Kudrow at Vassar was one typical of how you would describe the women, funny yet capable of some deep thoughts. Her life experiences taught her that everything in life happens for a reason. Even though at that moment you might be cursing that situation but be rest assured that it was meant to happen that way for your own good. In her case she got rejected from the auditions for the then much anticipated TV show “Frasier” which literally left her devastated. Little did she know that down the line she would end up grabbing the role of a character who would touch so many hearts. If she had landed a role in Frasier then who knows if we would have loved FRIENDS as much or for the matter of fact the chracter of Phoebe Buffey so much. You never can judge what happens in life. Its just meant to be that way.