Is there really a place called Hell??!!??

Hell, I ain’t scared of you!!

Google, rather should I say Wikipedia, defines ‘Hell’ as “In many mythological, folklore and religious traditions, hell is a place of eternal suffering and punishment in an afterlife, often after resurrection.” To go into simpler terms, Hell as we have been told to us is nothing but a result of our ‘bad’ karma. As kids we were always told stories about how if we do wrong things we would go to Hell. Though the concept of Hell had prevented me from many wrong doings in the past but now, to the whole concept of the existence of a place called hell, I would say- What the Hell!!! (pun intended).

How do we define God (though I believe we shouldn’t )?? An Almighty, the one who looks after all of us, the ever forgiving one. Now any sane person should understand that if we are defining a place called Hell we are basically calling God a liar. If He/She is The Ever Forgiving Being then why would He/She send us to such a treacherous place. Why would God about think of such a depressing place?? Some would argue that He/She didn’t have a choice. We performed so many sins that we had to be sent there for penance. But then what does An Ever Forgiving One mean??

Moreover, the life that we are leading now is already a challenging one. Karma gets back at us every day for our acts. There is no need of repentance after we die. We would undergo enough reactions to our actions throughout our living life. I would like to ask a question to all people who believe in Hell-  If you had the power would you send your children to Hell had they committed sins throughout their life? I don’t think so. So why would God?? Arent we His/Her children? I do believe God sends all of us including murderers, rapists to Heaven. All of us complete our fair share of repentance I our living life. In addition, God is never judgemental like us. He/She never sees our karma as bad. For Him/Her all our actions are a source of defining ourselves. There is not one ‘bad’ person in His/Her eyes.

I would raise my children without showing them the fear of Hell, making them believe in God as He/She really is. They should shy away from wrong doings not from the fear of God but from respect towards Him/Her……