Humans, Funny creatures they are!!!



It was that time of the year again. My 7th semester exams were just around the corner. As usual I kept asking my friends how much had they covered the syllabus on a daily basis. And not to my surprise most of them came up with, “I have only covered a few topics. A whole lot is still remaining!!” Now having spent so much time in academics you tend to know that more than half of them are lying. They would have covered more than they actually admit to. I was a ‘practitioner’ of such behaviour at a younger age. It has always bewildered me as to why people tend to do so.

After careful and deep thinking as to why I used to do it I have come to know a conclusion that such people are afraid. Afraid of not meeting up to the expectations meted out to them. They fear what people will say about them when they don’t meet up to their expectations. They fear getting mocked upon by the society. They fear having to encounter questions such as, “You had prepared so much, how did you end up getting such grades?? The other guy or girl ended up getting more than you…”!!! We try to find a easy way out of this. And an easy way out is lying you haven’t studied much so that people don’t make fun of you.

It is behaviour like these that make me think humans are a funny creature. Though God created us with a gift of free will as well as the ability to survive independently, we are highly dependent on others, other’s views to be precise, to lead our life. As Neale Donald Walsch said in his book Conversations with God

The more important the matter, the less likely are you to listen to your own experience, and the more ready you seem to be to make someone else’s ideas your own.

It is true at so many levels and I bet each one of us deep down inside us know its true. I again believe that  this tendency can be attributed to fear. We are afraid to take wrong decisions, choices. We are afraid to put the blame on ourselves if things go wrong. We rather prefer putting the blame on someone else for our wrong choices. Hence we tend to go with what others think about a situation rather than being true to what we feel about it. We forget that its our lives and we are in the firing line and not them. They will never be able to gauge what we are going through.

Furthermore to strengthen my case we humans choose to believe in things that makes us lesser of a person than we are. We would believe a person more if he/she is stating the ‘bad qualities’ in us than when they are stating the good ones. We tend to take the ‘bad qualities’ to our heart and always shy away from the good ones responding funnily with a “you are just being good to me”. Why cant we be all the good things stated upon by them?? I personally believe that there no bad qualities. Everything about us makes us who we are, who we choose to be. So if you are choosing something that is perceived by the world as bad then hell to them. You have every right to choose what you believe in, what you believe to be good for you, what you believe would reflect you to the fullest. And this right has been given to us by Him/Her(I have never been able to make up my mind on that).

God gave us the ability to speak, but we prefer to be dumb. He gave us the ability to see, but we prefer to be blind. He gave us the ability to listen to our heart, but we prefer to be deaf. He gave us the ability to love, but we prefer to hate. Isn’t it funny that we are doing things quite opposite to what we were created for??


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