5 Reasons I should have a Girlfriend and 4 Reasons I dont!!


The other day someone enquired on my Facebook chat whether I was still single. I answered with a dejected yes. I have been single all my life.. It sucks at some times but at other times its pretty good. Some of friends find it strange that I never had a girlfriend. I have been thinking about it and I came down with a few point as to why I should have a girlfriend and why I don’t.

Reasons I deserve to be happily committed

  • I have got a Good Height. Yes I am tall. 6’2 to be precise. That acts as an advantage among the ‘traits wanted’ list of girls with regards to their dream guy as I have come to know.
  • I Care.  Care is my middle name. This is the trait which I used to truly believe would land me a girl. But it hasn’t happened till now.
  • I am a Smart Speaker. And by a smart speaker I mean can talk about most topics as I have a tendency to learn about new things.
  • Quite embarrassed to say this but I believe I am quite a Romantic. I know my friends will make fun of me but I truly believe I am one. I am always filled with crazy yet wonderful ideas I would do if I had a girlfriend.
  •  I have got a Good Sense of Humour. I believe I am quite witty and have the capability to make people at    least smile during any conversation.


Reasons I am still single

  • I tend to get a bit Over possessive  at times in any relationship.
  • I am not your Tom Cruise. I am not that Good looking. God blessed me with many wonderful things but looks aren’t one of them. And whatever people may say girls do prefer a good looking guy over an average one.
  • I am a touch too emotional and sensitive. I know being emotional is good but I tend to go a bit too far with that.
  • I am too nice a guy. Some of you may wonder that its not a negative trait but it is. I advice people not to be too nice else either people take advantage of you or you fall into the dreaded friend zone of a girl.


I guess I have analysed it pretty well. Hopefully I will be committed before I am shipped off for marriage. Till then I am single, ready to mingle!!! 🙂


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