How Does it feel To Live in a Haunted Neighbourhood?!?!?!?

Creepy, huh?

So a funny thing happened with me this morning. I opened my Facebook account and found out that my friend had posted a picture on my wall. It showed that the society that I am currently living in happens to be in the top 10 most haunted places in India. Apparently, a man had committed suicide in some building in my society and his spirit has been roaming ever since.  Now how do you react after knowing that the society that I spent my whole life in is haunted?? My first reaction was to smile. You know its kind of cool to know that its haunted. Now I can brag about it to others. I can exaggerated the story a bit and tell it to my friends. And before I forget the story is bullshit. My society consists of in all 100 buildings and, that too cramped close to each other. And what my experience tells me after watching loads of horror movies is that ghost don’t tend to stay in crowded places. Most of the haunting occurs in secluded, isolated places. And believe me my society would be in the last place in the list of secluded places if there is one.

The photo succeeded in doing one more thing apart from making me cook up exaggerated stories to tell my friends. It took me down memory lane. I remember when we were kids how we used to make up stories about haunted buildings. I remember one of the story that my friend had made up. The building near our society ground was pretty secluded in the sense that most apartments in it were empty with no families living in them. My friend told that its empty because it was haunted. A worker had committed suicide while the building was still being made and he haunted the building ever since. And as all children are, full of innocence, we believed him. None of us dared to go near building after sunset.

Now 10 years later it seemed so silly. So you can imagine how elated I must have been when I came to know that my society is actually haunted and that too it is counted among the most haunted in India. We had just got the building wrong 10 years ago. I would try to go to that supposedly haunted building late night before my vacations get over. Hopefully I would come across the spirit and if I do I would like to say (yes if I do get the courage)…. RIP Dude!!!


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