No More A Worry!!!

Why did you play with my feelings?                                       

You left my life reeling

I loved you, I cared for you

But then I came to know that all you care about is you

You let me go, you let me be

Though I never wanted to be

My mistake was I expected too much

Because I loved you so much

But being a friend you couldn’t even fulfil this much..

You admit you took me for granted

You never  asked me what I wanted

I still stood there waiting for you

So stupid not realising that it was not you

You don’t have to worry I will still be there for you

Hoping you would realise what you have done too

The light is getting dim and you are nowhere insight

I no more have the power nor the will to fight

Now its too late for even a sorry

Good for you I am no more a worry……


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