Its Gonna Be Fine!!!!

The above statement is one of the biggest lie you will hear in your life and probably the most too! The truth is its not going to be fine. Now by that I don’t mean forever but for at least that moment. The moment when we really are the most vulnerable after we encounter pain. I personally feel that saying “Its going to be okay” doesn’t actually help with the situation. At least not for me. It didn’t give me hope or strength as some say they do. I always felt that it would have been much better if someone told me “C’mon dude!! this shit ain’t nothing!! U handled bigger shit than this!!!”. Now that’s what I call giving strength to face a crisis. Make a person believe that he has the power to handle what he is facing currently rather than just playing with words. I mean deep down inside we know its not going to be fine. We will be feeling miserable for the next few days or weeks depending on the grief. So whats the use saying or admitting its going to be. I believe its better just to be grief stricken for 2-3 days a stretch rather than prolong it everyday. Move on once and for all. I know its not as easy as typing these words as I myself have my experiences. But its worth giving a shot. Till then to every grief-stricken soul out there “Its Gonna Be Fine” 😉


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