If you are Happy and you know it, Clap your hands!!!

I believe very few of us will do it if we are to be true to ourselves. What is happiness?? And how do we know we are truly happy?? I guess the answer to the first question depends from individual to individual. For some happiness would be the absence of poverty, not having to face the struggles of the poor. For others happiness would be the well being of their loved ones. The idea of happiness varies but still do we truly achieve happiness. I highly doubt that. We just flirt with the concept of happiness. We are never really happy. Because achieving true happiness would be like achieving moksha. And we,  the common men and women, aren’t capable of achieving it. What we do as I said earlier is be happy in parts. Never really realise it. I found the movie The Pursuit Of Happiness quite true to its title in a sense that we are in a constant process of chasing happiness, a pursuit as has been said in the movie. We try to search for happiness in every aspect of life. Be it in our professional or personal life. Why does happiness have to be a pursuit. why cant it be just be with us. Herein lies the answer to the second question. We don’t know when we are happy. Majorly because we are never really content. We always have the hunger for more. Happiness is contentment. If we are content with what we are, what we have presently we would be on the path of true happiness. One thing we have been made to believe from our childhood is that happiness can be gained by doing the right deeds, by being good. Now  who has defined good and bad. why is bad ‘bad’? Why cant all deeds be seen as experiences, choices. There should be no right or wrong in this world. Only choices. So what if an individual is finding his happiness by doing a so called ‘bad deed’. isn’t that happiness?? Like I said earlier the perception of happiness varies. It cant be limited to being good or for matter of fact doing good. I believe every individuals life is about finding happiness though it shouldn’t be so. I am no exception even when I would like to be one. So to all the people out there continue with your pursuit and till then do clap your hands occasionally!!!!!


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