Unconditional Love- An Illusion???

The question that bothers me is- are we as humans even capable of unconditional love? or is such an concept just an illusion for us. Yet unconditional love is what GOD created us for. To love without expectation. If we are able to attain this we would be halfway in our quest of realising HIM.

In my personal opinion we humans in our present state are incapable of achieving this. There is no love which is without any conditions, without any expectations. I read somewhere that even a mothers love is not unconditional. I tend to agree with it. Will our parents love us if we don’t love them back?? I don’t think so. Every relationship in our lives tends to start with us putting certain conditions as to the quantity and quality of love we would give in that relationship. The thought of just loving without getting it back never occurs to us. It is just plain and simply wrong. You would be branded a fool if you do love someone unconditionally. And as is human tendency we tend to care more for what others think of us than mind our own business. Who would like to be called a fool?? And out of this fear we tend not to love anyone in our life. Who would go against the world. Its a cardinal sin as has been taught to us from our childhood.

Expectations is the single most source of all the unhappiness that we encounter in our lives. Still we do it. Now why is that? Its because we have been taught so. We do what others tell us to do, seldom do we tread our own path or pay heed to our own experience. What has been told to us since ages is right, this is the notion we tend to go with. But is it? We love conditionally because we have been loved conditionally. We never have been taught the joy of unconditional love nor have we got the chance to love someone as such. Unconditional love is just a myth, a legend……


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