Standing Tall : The WALL!!!!

This is long overdue. My favourite cricketer, now long retired, and i havent written about him. Not fair. And as to the identity of the man the title says it all now doesnt it!! 🙂

Rahul Dravid- the name says it all. Mr Cricket, Mr. Dependable, Mr. Consistent, The Wall- the man has been called quite a few of these names in the past but for me he will always be a man i aspire to be not in terms of the cricket he played (offcourse no one can match that) but in terms of a human being. He is someone i look up to as a person and if i could manage to be even half the man he is i think i would be leading a quite satisfactory life. I mean the man is a gentleman in the true sense. Never will you watch a calmer man. Whatever the situation India found itself to be in, however worse it may be Dravid’s demeanor never changed. He was always his calm self. I was always reassured whenever i saw him at the crease. With him came a sense of security and you just knew things would turn out to be fine. Not blessed with the most fluent of techniques as opposed to his counterparts Dravid epitomised all the things that are needed to succeed aparrt from natural talent- hard work, dedication and a love for the game. Rather his unorthodox defense made him the best in the world!! Many a fast bowlers came up to bowl to him but all of them failed in front of his rock solid defense! Rightfully called The Wall the bowlers literally felt they were balling into a wall the way the balls kept coming back at then once delivered.

Dravid never wanted to hogg the limelight. And thats one of the things i love about him. He would rather go about doing his job under the light than be on it. He is more than happy lettting others steal the show. Be it his debut in which his classy 95 goes unheard of because of another debutant Sourav Ganguly’s century or because of the continuous focus on Sachin Tendulkar all his career. I feel it has helped Dravid in going about his job with minimum of interference and fuss. The most important thing for him is to perform too his own satisfaction. And mind you he does keep the bar quite high in that matter. Rahul Dravid was a team man in the true sense, even more than Sachin Tendulkar. He did everything for the team. Right from keeping wickets to opening the batting to facing the ire of the indian public by declaring early while sachin was closing in on his double century. All his career he always put the team before self and for that i salute you Rahul Sir.

Rahul Dravid is a role model to me in a way no one else can be. He never loses his cool even in the face of adversity. And that is what i aspire to be. I do consider his two kids to be really lucky because they are around such a great man. My eyes still search for him at the fall of India’s first wicket and i dont think i will ever feel secure whoever comes in at no. 3 from now on!!! You were, are and will always be the best no.3 India has produced and more than that you will always be the man I would like to grow into!!! Rahul Dravid- Its been an honour watching you grind it out for hours!!



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